SISSEL Orthopaedic Pillow Soft Memory Foam


Memory foam, Orthopaedic pillow, Soft by SISSEL®

All SISSEL® orthopaedic pillows feature a substantial support to the lower cervical spinal column.  As a result the entire shoulder and neck region are well-supported.  Due to its unique angle, the pillow fits in between the shoulder and cervical spinal column, filling the space between, supporting the neck and gently leading the spinal column into the anatomically correct position.
A slight stretching effect on neck and spinal column might make the change feel unusual at first. Your body will require a little time (2 to 14 nights) to once again get used to a healthy natural sleep.  Once you are used to your Sissel pillow you will not want to be without it.
SISSEL® orthopaedic pillows Soft, Deluxe and Bambini are manufactured in Sweden from visco elastic foam, a very smooth material, which responds to body weight and temperature.

SISSEL® Orthopaedic Pillow Soft
This orthopaedic pillow incorporates the advantages of the classic SISSEL® shape.  This shape of pillow has been used successfully by medical professionals world wide over the last 20 years.  Due to its visco elastic properties it offers an even pressure distribution, with slightly reduced support or correction intensity.  This is the ideal pillow for patients with sensitive necks.

• Complete with velour pillow case.
• Size: 47 cm x 33 cm x 14 cm.
• Extra pillow cases are available.

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