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All SISSEL® Memory Foam Pillows feature substantial support to the lower cervical spinal column. As a result the entire shoulder and neck region is well-supported. Due to its unique angle, the memory foam pillow glides between shoulder and cervical spinal column and fills the space between, which gently leads the spinal column into the anatomically correct position. The unique edge of all SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillows guarantees ideal support of your shoulder when in a lateral position, thus relieving vertebrae and intervertebral discs. A slight stretching effect on neck and spinal column might make the change feel unusual at first. Your body will require a little time (2 to 14 nights) to once again get used to a healthy natural sleep. We recommend using the pillow a short period of time every night rather than spending a sleepless night and possibly giving up after a few nights. Once you are used to it you will not want to be without it. SISSEL® Plus, Classic and Travel orthopedic pillows consist of polyurethane foam, which has a high support capacity. SISSEL® Soft, Deluxe and Bambini orthopedic pillows, on the other hand, are made from memory foam; a very smooth material. The SISSEL® Memory Foam Pillow Soft incorporates the advantages of the millionfold proven classic SISSEL® shape. Due to its viscoelastic properties it simultaneously offers increased isolated pressure distribution together with slightly reduced support or correction intensity. This is the ideal pillow for sensitive neck patients.

The sissel soft plus has the option to adjust the height of the ridge in the neck.

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