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The TONUS® Hand Roll is excellent in assisting to open the fingers and reduce pressure over the palmar area. It has an air bladder and a pump that can regulate the volume. Patients that have been suffering from severe contractures for a long period of time will eventually have an increased risk for pressure problems and volar hygiene in the palm and over the fingertips. This might lead to skin breakdown and local wound infections. The TONUS® Hand Roll can be used for both for pressure prevention as well as assisting finger extension.

The reduction of spasticity with the TONUS® Hand Roll alone is quite limited as the wrist joint is not stable. However, the TONUS® Hand Roll can be used together with a wrist brace in order to stabilize the wrist.

Application is easy. Examine the patient and locate the pressure problem areas. If there is an open wound present in the area, make sure that the wound has been cleaned and covered with a wound dressing before applying the TONUS™ Hand roll. Sometimes it might be beneficial to flex the wrist slightly before inserting the hand roll as this shortens the flexor tendons. Deflate the bladder completely with the black tip of the pump. Insert the bladder with the cover into the palm. Insert the clear tip of the pump into the valve and inflate the bladder. The fingers should be extended so they release the pressure in the palmar area. There might be a good idea to maximum inflate the bladder and then release the over-pressure with the black tip of the bladder the make it softer. The strap is used to anchor the hand roll to the wrist if spasticity fluctuates.

Available in a universal size in Left or Right version.
TON403-L TONUS® Hand Roll, Standard size, Left
TON403-R TONUS® Hand Roll, Standard size, Right

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