Tonus Inflatable Hand Splint


Mediroyal TONUS™ inflatable Splint is for patients with spasticity. It combines a rigid frame that can be adjusted individually to the patient in combination with an inflatable air bladder, which provides both individual support to the MCParch as well as dynamic finger and wrist extension.

The Mediroyal TONUS™ splint provides a unique treatment option with both stabilizing flexion of the wrist as well as providing dynamic extension to the wrist- and fingers in combination with supporting the MCP-arch.

Patients with spasticity usually end up in a flexion pattern over the wrist and fingers that can further trigger spasticity. In order to reduce spasticity, it’s important to stabilize the wrist flexion and at the same time provide support over the MCP-arch to open the fingers and to provide constant and even stretch over the flexor tendons.

This is an effective way to reduce tonus on the patient and to reach a long-term stretch that aims to make the stretch reflex in the muscle spool less hyper sensitive.

The material that covers the splint is breathable, shock absorbing, and washable.

Measurement taken as the hand width over the MCP joints

Size Width of the MCP joints
Paediatric 45-90 mm
Standard 90-130 mm
Extra Long 90-130 mm
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