Mums To Be Tens – Maternity Tens For Pain Relief During Labour and Childbirth


Postnatal programmes include pelvic floor muscle stimulation – Stomach, Thighs and Buttock Toning – supplied with easy to use guide. Easy Pre -set modes with no set up required, maximum strength tens with 2 stages  labours programme, integrated boost button for instant pain relief , key lock facility stops accidental program change 4 in 1 tens and muscle stimulator with postnatal programs. 

What is Tens?
TENS means Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – what this means is the Tens Machines works by preventing pain being passed into the nerve fibres from the brain and increases production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer. Our Maternity Tens Machine are extremely easy to use. Our Machines come with a easy to follow manual that focus on:

  • Control and Features

  • Stimulator Programs

  • Maternity mode operation instructions

  • Pelvic floor stimulator operation instructions

  • Muscle Stimulator operating instructions

  • Tens Pain Relief operating instructions

Once you have placed the electrodes in the correct place, you may feel a pleasant pulsing sensation. This sensation will help increase the general production of endorphins, the body’s pain killer. When experiencing contractions, choose the correct program found in the manual to combat the pain. When the contractions end, press a different program to continue using the Maternity Tens Machine.

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