IncoStress for Female Stress Incontinence


IncoStress has been designed by women for women.

Stress incontinence affects over 4 million women in the UK and typically follows childbirth or menopause. However, for women who do not exercise their pelvic floor regularly and effectively it can bring lifelong discomfort, embarrassment and even depression.

Made from non-allergenic medical grade silicone internally worn to help control the embarrassing loss of urine caused by stress incontinence only. Not for any other type of incontinence.

Its unique shape could help strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Can be used during day and night for up to 8 hours or simply as required.

IncoStress is:

Latex free
Environmentally friendly
Reusable – wash under clean water
How to Use

How to use Incostress?

Incostress is to be removed, cleaned and inspected daily.

It may be used night and day between 3-6 months depending on daily use and stored in a clean dry environment.

Hazards and Cautions

For stress related incontinence only – not for any other type of incontinence.

Suitable For

Suitable for adults.

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