Soma Dry Needle: with Guide Tube


SOMA – needles created by experienced Dry Needling practitioners. Their aim was to create a perfect needle for their work.

SOMA was created as a mixture of features of all the best needles that were available at the time. The result was that according to many, the best needle for Dry Needling was born.

Excellent sharpness, Japanese surgical grade steel, high standard sterilisation and all of these at a reasonable price make SOMA special. SOMA Dry Needling is available with guide tube.

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0,25 x 25 mm, 0,25 x 40 mm, 0,25 x 50 mm, 0,25 x 30 mm, 0,30 x 40 mm, 0,30 x 75 mm, 0,30 x 30 mm, 0,30 x 50 mm, 0,30 x 100 mm, 0,30 x 60 mm, 0,25 x 15 mm

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