Airex Corona Gym-Mat


Product Purpose: Great all round, versatile exercise mat.

Product Description: Extremely versatile, suitable for physiotherapy, antenatal exercise, hydrotherapy, yoga and pilates. It provides maximum comfort through its superb cushioning and aids flotation in the water. Also suitable for outdoor use. Airex® is synonymous with quality for exercise and rehabilitation. Ideal for physiotherapy, general exercise and hydrotherapy. These versatile mats can be used indoors, outdoors and in water. Closed cell foam provides a hardwearing slip resistant, cushioned surface that is warm and comfortable to the touch. Impervious to water and easy to keep clean, Airex® foams undergo a sanitised treatment for effective protection against bacteria and fungi.

Length: 185 cm
Width: 100 cm
Thickness: 15 mm
Colour: blue
Weight: 3.8 kg

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Additional information

Weight 2.0000 kg

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