Intracell Sprinter Stick


The Sprinter Stick by Intracell – Muscle Therapy for Track Runningis a muscle massage tool that is designed to simultaneously compress and stretch muscles.  The primary benefit of the sprinter stick to runners is that it’s use eliminates “trigger points”.  Trigger points are contracted bundles of muscle, which feel like bumpy tender knots. Muscles containing trigger points feel tight, fatigue quickly and often hurt.  The sprinter stick extinguishes these trigger points by rolling the sprinter stick back and forth over the entire length of the muscle.  This relaxes the muscle bundle, improves circulation, increases range of motion and relieves pain.  The Sprinter Stick makes a great gift for people who do track running.


19″ length
10 ounces
Designed for the well-developed legs or people who do track running
Most rigid of the short models
Increases flexibility
Extends endurance
Accelerates recovery time
Reduces muscle soreness, stiffness & pain
Prepares muscle for rigours of activity
Helps disperse Lactic acid from your muscles after activity

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