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Introducing a new era of knee rehab…..

Patient controlled Pain Relief; The Home Ranger Knee Pulley is a revolutionary range of motion exercise device. For the first time, knee replacement patients and those with knee osteoarthritis can perform this exercise in the comfort of their own homes to help relieve joint pressure and pain; replicate the clinic experience by easily self managing range of motion exercises in a home setting, between clinic visits.

HOW TO USE: Two Simple Steps to get your knee back into action again……..

1.) RELIEVE JOINT PRESSURE AND PAIN: Attach the assembly pulley to the door (secures to any type of door) and place foot into the attached foot hammock. Gently pull on the handle to elevate the foot of the seated patient and hold that position; this exercise will relax and stretch the quad muscle which aids in joint distraction and thus resulting in pain relief for the patient and eventually guiding you to your next step…

2.) INCREASE RANGE OF MOTION: You can now move onto the flexion and extension exercises in order to achieve the goal of full range of motion and functionality. This step is as simple as a push and pull movement.

For more info see demo video below:

– Lightweight and portable
– Easy to use and apply
– Reduces knee pain and pressure
– Can be used anywhere there is a door
– Features a tracking system at www.kneepulley.com which helps patients record their knee pulley exercise sessions.

INCLUDES: Neoprene Foot Boot, Rope and Pulley Assembly with PVC Handles and step-by-step Instruction Booklet.

Box Dimensions: 9.5″ x 7.75″ x 2.5″
Weight: 12oz

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