OxyCycle Passive Pedal Exerciser


OxyCycle II Passive Pedal Exerciser
The OxyCycle II Passive Pedal Exerciser is a passive pedal exerciser suitable for both upper and lower body exercises.

Low Stress Exercises
Because it’s a passive pedal exercise with an adjustable speed, the OxyCycle II is a fantastic piece of equipment for low-stress, personalised workouts that can be done anywhere. The speed can be adjusted between 20 and 65 RPM depending on your preferences.

The low impact exercise the OxyCycle II offers enables you to increase strength and flexibility, and also works to boost circulation around your body.

Designed to Help You
Its lightweight and compact design makes the OxyCycle II fantastic for use in the home where space is an issue. Its LCD readout displays time, distance traveled, calories burned and RPM, so you can know at a glance how you’re doing.

Because it includes a non-slip mat, as good on tables for upper body exercises as it is on the floor for lower body exercises. What’s more, it even includes interchangeable handles and pedals so that you can get the exact grip you need for whatever exercise you’re doing.

Dimensions of the OxyCycle II Passive Pedal Exerciser
The dimensions of the OxyCycle II are:

Length: 50cm
Width: 46cm
Height: 38cm
Weight: 8kg

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