Baseline® 5-Position Hydraulic Pinch Gauge (clinical model)


The 5 position Hydraulic Pinch Gauge with its easy to adjust handle accommodates any size hand – other pinch gauges only have one pinch width Without paddle, pinch width is the same as standard pinch gauges (mechanical or hydraulic). The 5 position pinch gauge is also available in feedback model.

Product benefits

  • Accurate and repeatable results 5 pinch positions permit MVE (Maximum Voluntary Effort) and MMVE (Modified Maximum Voluntary Effort) protocols to be used with tip, palmar and key tests
  • Clinical model gauge faces away from user (towards practitioner) to block readings from subject
  • Accommodates all size hands; or use without paddle for standard tests

Clinical set includes

  • 5-position pinch gaugeDynamometer
  • 1 finger plastic goniometer
  • Carry case

Additional information

Weight 2.0000 kg

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