Jamar Digital Hand Dynamometer


We’ve replaced the hydraulic system found in other dynamometers with a circuit board and electronic load sensors. This technological advancement gives you a more accurate tool to measure hand strength in clients with hand trauma and dysfunction. We also increased the durability of the dynamometer by eliminating all internal moving parts, and encasing the electronics in a sturdy aluminum body with a scratch-resistant UV coating. The readout displays isometric grip force from 0–200 lbs (90 kg). The unit’s easy-to-read LCD display can be set to display pounds or kilograms. Jamar Plus+ also features Rapid Exchange Testing with audible signals, and automatically calculates the Average, Standard Deviation and Coefficient of Variation. Allows collection of up to five trials for both right and left hand. Ten minute auto-off feature helps conserve battery power. Requires two AAA batteries (included). Comes in a reusable storage container. One year warranty.

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