Carbonlite Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)


Reference number: AFO-CL

Carbonlite Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

Key Features:

– Promotes dorsiflexion and stability from injection moulded carbon plastic
– Limits plantarflexion to 90° with carbon spring assisted dorsiflexion
– Easily heated and adjusted, with trimmable footplate
– Secure Velcro fastening calf and ankle straps
– Washable foam liner offers increased comfort around calf
– Ankle cut out


– Drop foot due to central or peripheral paralysis
– Multiple Sclerosis / CVA / MND
– Any neurological impairment

Size                   Footplate Length             Brace Height
Small Left                  24cm                              26cm
Small Right               24cm                              26cm
Medium Left             28cm                              29cm
Medium Right          28cm                              29cm
Large Left                28cm                              33cm
Large Right             28cm                              33cm
XL Left                     30cm                              39cm
XL Right                  30cm                              39cm


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