Tulis Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cups Clear


The Tulis Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cups are manufactured from Medical Grade TuliGEL™

TuliGEL™ is a new, specially formulated Polymer that is lighter, softer and more resilient than the material used in other heel cups. The unique character of TuliGEL™, combined with our patented waffle design, provides the ultimate in shock and absorption. Use heavy duty heel cups for high impact activities.

Tuli’s heavy duty Gel Heel Cups instantly relieve:

  • Painful heel conditions, including Plantar Fasciitis & heel spurs
  • Sore, tired, burning, aching feet
  • Shin Splints
  • Painful legs, ankles & knees
  • Painful neck & backaches
  • Arthritic joints

Available Sizes 

  • Small Under 80lbs (36kgs), 
  • Regular Under 175lbs (80kgs), 
  • Large Over 175lbs (80kgs)
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