Neen Pericalm Pelvic Floor Stimulation Unit


What is Pericalm?

The Pericalm is a pelvic floor stimulation unit, ideal for those who have weak pelvic floor muscles. It provides an alternative method of strengthening the muscles to the traditional ‘squeeze and lift’ exercises, which some women may find difficult when first starting. Bladder sensitivity can also be reduced by using the Pericalm. The Pericalm has 6 pre-set programmes specifically designed to help with a range of women’s health and  pelvic floor problems including stress incontinence, urge incontinence (overactive bladder), mixed incontinence, pelvic pain relief and for a general pelvic floor workout.

How does Pericalm work?

Used with the Periform Plus or Anuform electrodes, Pericalm delivers electrical stimulation which automatically contracts your pelvic floor muscles. All you need to do is select your preferred programme and gradually increase the intensity. If you are using the unit under the guidance of a Continence Specialist, Pericalm will allow you to continue your treatment at home in between your appointments!


Dual channel unit with digital display
Suitable for both home use and clinical treatment
Pre-set and customisable programmes
Lock feature ensures patient compliance for home use
Used with Periform®+, Anuform® or surface electrodes
(not included)


1. Pelvic floor workout
2. Pre-set programmes for use in the treatment of

Urge incontinence or overactive bladder
Mixed incontinence
Pelvic pain

 3 customisable programmes to change parameters to suit the user

Unit comes supplied with 2 cables, battery, user manual
and soft carry case. 

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Probes need to be ordered separately- e.g The Neen Periform Vaginal Probe (code TRO 91)

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