Spidermed 2 Audio Posture Sensor


Audio posture sensor that alerts you when you slouch

“Spidermed” helps prevent and eliminate slouching and corrects protruding abdomen and shoulder asymmetry. The acoustic signal is initiated when the abdomen misaligns with the shoulders / shoulder blades. The signal stimulates the appropriate muscle groups to correct poor posture alignment.

“Spidermed” helps develop good postural habits, in a natural way, by strengthening appropriate muscles.

“Spidermed” is powered by 2 watch-type batteries, which typically do not need replacement during the product lifetime as the sound signal is not activated for most of the time.

“Spidermed” can be worn just 2-3 times per day for about 15 minutes, while watching TV, working on a computer, writing, etc.

“Spidermed” is intended for use by people of all ages. You can use Spidermed to suit your individual needs without making sacrifices or engaging in a strenuous or complicated exercise routine.

Registered as a medical device.

Attention: This product is not advisable for use by children with diagnosed scoliosis. In case of any doubts, please consult with a doctor.

Available sizes:

Medium:  60 – 85cm – Waist measurement
Large:    85 – 110cm – Waist measurement


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